Let us help you reap the rewards from a lifetime of hard work. We can start now by making your business Sale Ready. When it comes time to sell, there will be no surprises.

Sell-Side Brokerage Services

What are Sell-Side Brokerage Services? As a natural extension to its proprietary Sale Ready Services, LMG provides Sell-Side Brokerage Services. With small business, private equity and public company experience, LMG professionals are capable of selling businesses of all sizes. Depending on the size of the business, LMG's services could also be labeled M&A Advisory or Investment Banking services.


Sale Ready Sellers Due to LMG's mission and philosophy (see Our Story), LMG will only represent businesses that are Sale Ready. This is better for all parties involved (seller, buyer and LMG) because there is more transparency as to the true value of the business being sold and thus a greater chance of a deal actually happening.


Qualified BuyersLMG believes that the flow of confidential information exchanged between buyers and sellers should be equal. In most situations, this is not the case. Many buyers are able to obtain a significant amount of information about a business for sale without providing any information about their management ability and financial capability of actually purchasing the business.


LMG will pre-qualify potential buyers using its Self Evaluation suite of tools included as part of its Buy-Side Brokerage Services.


Successful TransactionWith all of the deal preparation already completed through the Sale Ready process, LMG will focus on marketing the business for sale and qualifying potential buyers. When the right match is made, LMG will manage the entire transaction process.