LMG was formed to fill a need in the marketplace. Business owners can now turn to someone before they are ready to sell, and aspiring entrepreneurs now have someone to guide them through their journey.

LMG Story

Concept During the process of acquiring his first business, it became clear to the founder of LMG that the majority of businesses for sale were not positioned properly. In other words, they were not "Sale Ready". It wasn't logical that brokers listed businesses that had very little chance of selling. Moreover, the founder believed that if owners prepared their companies in advance by following logical steps, they would have better success in selling their businesses and capturing the value that they worked so hard to achieve. As a result, the Sale Ready concept was created and Logic Management Group, LLC ("LMG") was formed.


Mission LMG's mission is to be the TRUSTED ADVISORto business owners who wish to reap the rewards from a lifetime of hard work, to individuals who dream of becoming entrepreneurs and to acquisitive firms who are searching for the perfect deal.


What Type of Business is LMG?What exactly is LMG? Are we a Business Brokerage, M&A Advisory Firm, Investment Bank or Intermediary? In many ways, we are all of the above. All of these types of firms essentially do the same thing, facilitate the purchase or sale of businesses and assist businesses in obtaining debt or equity financing. The major distinction is in the size of businesses involved in the transactions.


At LMG, we don't get stuck with names. We just provide a high level of service to our clients. With experience selling subsidiaries of public companies, acquiring portfolio companies for private equity firms and purchasing small businesses, the professionals at LMG bring a wealth of expertise to the table. With our proprietary Sale Ready Services, we provide a service unmatched in the industry.