With accounting, finance, sales and marketing experience, the professionals at LMG can provide the support you need to grow your business.

Management Services

What are Management Services? In order to become Sale Ready, some businesses need assistance with core business functions such as accounting, sales and marketing. Business owners are focused on actually running their companies and often do not have the time to manage the core business functions. LMG can provide these Management Services.


Accounting ServicesLMG can provide numerous accounting services for its clients. These services include transitioning clients to proper accounting systems, closing the books on a monthly basis and creating budgets. LMG can also provide advice on potential cost savings and work with tax accountants to ensure tax returns are prepared accurately and timely.


Outsourced Sales Force ServicesLMG understands that sometimes business owners can't do it all themselves. In many cases, the owner is instrumental to the production process or involved in providing the actual service. The one core business function that is always neglected is sales. Even worse, small business owners usually cannot afford a full time sales agent. LMG has a solution.


LMG can provide sales services such as contacting targeted prospects via phone, e-mail, mailings or in person. Through LMG's online customer relationship management ("CRM") system, the client will be able to manage the progress and effectiveness of the sales program.


Marketing ServicesLMG can develop and execute marketing plans for its clients. This involves defining the target market, developing sales strategies to attack the target market, and monitoring the performance of the sales strategies.