Whether you are an individual buying your first business or a company short on resources, LMG will be there for you every step of the way.

Buy-Side Brokerage Services

What are Buy-Side Brokerage Services? All of the processes involved in making a business Sale Ready are applicable when purchasing a business. The entire Sale Ready process revolves around the concept of analyzing a business from a buyer's perspective. Thus, it is only natural that LMG provides these same services to individuals, private equity firms and acquisitive companies looking to purchase a business.


LMG is capable of providing services in all four phases of the business acquisition process. Individuals may prefer to utilize all of these services while private equity firms or acquisitive companies may prefer to only engage LMG for its Managed Search Program.


Phase 1 - Self EvaluationLMG will conduct a career and skill set evaluation of an individual to determine what type of business to purchase. Equally as important, LMG will help the individual determine the proper size of business to purchase through its Buyer's Model.


LMG can also assist business owners in evaluating their acquisition programs. With the Buyer's Model, business owners will be able to see if they can even afford another business.


Phase 2 - Managed Search ProgramLMG will conduct a targeted search program based on the client's preferences. Through LMG's online customer relationship management ("CRM") system, the client will be able to monitor the progress of the search program.


LMG will only present targets that have been analyzed for sale readiness. This distinguishes LMG from all other search firms. This also saves time, money and energy. LMG clients will not waste time chasing bad deals.


Phase 3 - Transaction ProcessLMG is capable of performing all aspects of the transaction process including writing offers, conducting due diligence and negotiating. The level of service provided will be indicative of the client's needs. With its core business model centered on Sale Ready Services, LMG is the perfect partner to have at the closing table.


Phase 4 - Post Acquisition Services LMG's goal is to ensure that the new owner is positioned for success. First, LMG will provide the extra hand and guidance necessary during an ownership change. Specifically, a Post Acquisition Check List will be developed for the client, and LMG will guarantee its completion. Finally, LMG will provide Management Services for the client during the ownership transition period.