With experience selling subsidiaries of public companies, acquiring portfolio companies for private equity firms and purchasing small businesses, the professionals at LMG bring a wealth of expertise to the table. With our proprietary Sale Ready Services, we provide a service unmatched in the industry.

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LMG is a business advisory firm that specializes in making businesses "Sale Ready". Whether you are interested in selling your business today or five years from now, we can help you. The Sale Ready approach involves evaluating your business from a buyer's perspective in order to improve value. You maintain your house, your car and your body. Who maintains your business? LMG is your answer.


LMG also provides the following services:


Sell-Side Brokerage Services - After making your business Sale Ready, LMG will find the right buyer for your business and manage the sale.


Buy-Side Brokerage Services - Using the Sale Ready model to evaluate targets, LMG will help you find the right business to purchase and assist you throughout the entire process.


Management Services - LMG can provide the core business functions such as accounting, sales and marketing services that your business needs to be Sale Ready.


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